Our Service Agreements

We provide our services on either a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. Rates vary according to client type and service category as shown below. Fixed fee agreements will be based upon an agreed scope of work and estimated time requirement.
Institutional Clients
Consulting, product development, advisory, legal opinions £650/hr
Investment Research, financial analysis £350/hr
Private Clients and Not-for-profits
All services £150/hr


  • VAT will be added to the above rates where applicable
  • For work outside the UK, we charge one leg of our journey time plus business class travel and accommodation expenses
  • Our minimum total charge for any piece of client work is £2000
  • Our standard engagement terms require 50% of forecast first month fees and 100% of agreed first month expenses in advance
  • Our settlement terms are 15 days from invoice date by bank transfer unless agreed otherwise